Passion and Perseverance Built Into Every Piece

Passion and Perseverance Built Into Every Piece

Meet our custom furniture builder based in Evans, CO

Dr. Jay R Schaffer has been a skilled furniture builder for over 20 years. Completely self-taught, Jay learned the craft of woodworking through thorough research and hands-on experience. In 2020, Jay retired from teaching to become a local woodworker and founded Schaffer's Fine Woodworking & Refinishing, LLC. With steady hands and precise carving, Jay can restore or build solid-wood furniture from scratch.

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A few facts about Jay

When you think skilled woodworker, you probably don't picture a retired statistics professor. Here are a few fun facts about our local woodworker that you probably didn't know:

  • Jay is a Retired Ph.D. statistics professor who taught at Penn State and the University of Northern Colorado for over 20 years. At UofNC he was the Chief Administrator of the Applied Statistics & Research Methods Department--8 faculty, 60 MS and PhD students. Duties included: (1) Administrator of all graduate statistics classes on and off campus, (2) assigning classes and maintaining course schedules, (3) primary contact for answering inquiries of the department and student recruitment, (4) maintained an annual budget for assigning financial support to graduate students, (5) interviewing and hiring department faculty, (6) working closely with Department Chairs, Deans, Dean of the Graduate School, Vice Presidents, Provost, and University President, (7) teaching my usual classes, and (8) providing leadership, guidance, and support to all department faculty/students/administrators
  • From 2010-2017, Jay was an Evans City Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem, involved in building the city's first public library and the upgraded sewer plant. He influenced the creation of the city's first public library and cultural center, the city's recovery after the September 2013 flood, and the expansion of the city's sewer treatment facility. Served on several regional municipal organizations helping to guide planning, traffic, and population growth in northern Colorado. Worked with municipal leaders, county commissioners, Colorado state legislators, and US Congressional Representatives. Also served as the City Council liaison on the Evans Area Chamber of Commerce.
  • Jay managed three rental properties where he discovered his love for repairing, crafting and building new wooden furniture.

As a devoted community member, Jay takes his job seriously and strives to create beautiful, long-lasting furniture that you're sure to love. Call now to learn more about our custom furniture builder.